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Pushing the boundaries of modular design and technology to create unique spaces that enhance lives and respect our planet.

We’re a team of design and construction innovators delivering wild modular solutions for a more inventive and sustainable construction industry

20 day

Construction time


Less wastage


Quicker than traditional


Modules delivered

A leader in the modular industry; known for prestige prefab accommodation pods, and tailor-made solutions for retreats and resorts. We leverage the latest technology and sustainable materials to deliver beautiful modular buildings that synthesise with their environment.

our process

Building smarter, quicker,
and cleaner

Most of our everyday goods are manufactured with machines. Smart technology has brought Artificial Intelligence into our homes. Yet, minimal advancement has been made in how we actually build our homes – we’re changing that.

Faster construction

Meticulously designed modules are prefabricated in our factory, free from interruptions from weather or material logistics. And, with unrivalled factory capacity, we’re able to build 18 modules concurrently meaning shorter wait times than our competitors.


We don’t only create stunning modular buildings, we design robust processes of manufacture that optimise efficiency. Time and resources saved equals cost-savings for our clients.


Defying expectations of prefab, we approach every project individually. We carefully consider each intersection between site and brief to deliver an optimum and original response.


Reducing waste and carbon footprint, modular construction’s undeniable advantage is its sustainability. Our processes are significantly more sustainable than traditional methods, but so too are our products. Our clients enjoy enhanced thermal comfort and lower operational expenses.


Redefining the future of building,
creating spaces where people thrive

From prefabricated residential spaces and commercial units, to accommodation pods and cabins, take a closer look at our products.


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